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E. Martin Davidoff works at a national level on tax policies through his writing, teaching and long-term
relationships with IRS leaders. Mr. Davidoff speaks before tax professionals regarding IRS representation
issues. Please see the tabs below for detailed course descriptions and a list of Mr. Davidoff's upcoming
speaking engagements. For a listing of Mr. Davidoff's past speaking engagements, please click here:
List of Past Speaking Engagements.

If you are interested in having Mr. Davidoff speak to your firm or organization, please call 732-274-1600
or email us at: info@taxattorneycpa.com

Course Descriptions



This comprehensive workshop takes participants on a hands-on journey through the entire IRS Offer in Compromise (OIC) process, including how to effectively complete the appropriate financial disclosure package for individuals (Form 433-A).

The program will provide you with skills that will enable you to:

1.  Compute Reasonable Collection Potential (RCP) for OICs in light of the new rules established
     in May 2012;
2.  Determine acceptable Installment Agreement levels;
3.  Determine whether a taxpayer qualifies for Currently Not Collectible Status;
4.  Advise your clients regarding pre-submission planning for OICs; and
5.  Become knowledgeable regarding the practical considerations.

Typically, this program runs approximately 100-125 minutes in length.



This segment covers how to represent your clients before the IRS, from the first phone call through the resolution of the problem. The program details the steps in a tax controversy, describes tools in dealing with the IRS, provides practical guidance in dealing with the IRS, and discusses alternative resolution scenarios in dealing with collection matters. Handouts include numerous sample letters, such as penalty abatement letters, engagement letters, Examination Appeals, Request for Third Party Contacts, FOIA requests, and filled-in IRS forms (i.e., 2848, 8821, 9423, 12153, 911). Some of the tools which can be covered in a 100-minute program include Collection Due Process Hearings (form 12153), Collection Appeal Requests (form 9423), Lien Withdrawals (form 12277), Streamlined Direct Debit Installment Agreements (form 9465), preparing federal tax summaries, penalty abatement letters and freedom of information act requests. The program talks about alternatives available to satisfy debts to the IRS with a detailed discussion about common threads to installment agreements and tools available to the IRS in the collection process.

Typically, this program runs from 60 - 100 minutes in length and the topics can be tailored to the specific audience.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

  April 26, 2018

    Middlesex County Bar Association

    New Brunswick, NJ

    Topic: Navigating the IRS

    Time:  5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

    Contact: Jonathan Cowles (732) 828-3433 ext. 102 or email to jcowles@mcbalaw.com

  May 17, 2018

    New Jersey Chapter of NATP

    The Hotel ML, Mount Laurel

    Topic: New Tax Law

    Time:  TBD

    Contact: Anthony Manziano (732) 849-3271 or email to anthonymanzianocpa.com

  June 15, 2018

    NJCPA Annual Convention - Atlantic City

    Topic: Offers in Compromise

    Time: 10:30 am-12:10 pm

    Contact: Alissa Pierce, (973) 226-4494 ext. 247 or email to Apierce@njcpa.org